About Us

Quality is the soul of our business. Therefore, you don’t have to compromise on our quality to get an amazing deal for you. We aim to provide you the highest grade electric scooters at the best and reasonable prices for your satisfaction! Scooter Hub is a trusted organization specialised in the sales and servicing of electric scooters established in Singapore. We are dedicated to ensure we never stop promoting our name for the best quality of products we offer to our amazing customers all around the world.

Not contented with being stuck in traffic, within cities, we wanted to go further, off the beaten track – to explore the city, the suburbs, the wooded lands, to discover places like that tiny wayside cafe with the perfect coffee, or to see sights, like the sunset at the forgotten lake over the next hill. We don’t want to be limited by public transportation or cars or schedules. We want to be surprised by our journeys, and be delighted with our experiences.

So we created rides to do just that.

We wanted to know what we could make our scooters do. With a team dedicated to R&D, we kept asking questions. What if we added superior suspensions to increase the level of comfort and stability? What if we combined different transportation technologies? We went the extra mile to create scooters within compliant standards.

We ship internationally to any destination of your choice. Please contact us now to enquire! 

We can bring your various brands of E-scooters. Based and well-established in Singapore.



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